website design tips
website design tips

Digital marketing is all about increasing revenue and boosts sales. The main aim of digital marketers is to boost their sales and increasing revenue. But, how can they actually measure the increase? The simple way is by calculating the conversion rate. The number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors gives a conversion rate. The higher the conversion rate, the higher would be the success. But not every marketer is lucky enough to achieve a high conversion rate, the biggest reason is that their website design is not on point. Check Out Top Company profile Here

So, here are various website design tips through which one can boost their sales and conversions by achieving a high conversion rate –

tips to increase revenue
  • Never forget the HICK’S LAW:- Hick’s law is named after British psychologist William Edmund Hick. According to this law, the time taken by an individual to make a decision is directly proportionate to the possible choices they have. Therefore, the more choices we offer a user, the longer it would take for them to decide, and hence increasing the chance that they can abandon the site. So, make sure that you offer limited choices to the users.
  • Follow the 8– SECOND rule:- As per the 8-second rule, you have only 8 seconds to grab the attention of your visitors as the attention span of a person is of 8 seconds. Marketers have less time, it’s important to convey the message in an effective manner. Various tips for grabbing viewers’ attention are-
    • Use clear and bold headings
    • Use eye-catching images
    • Use animations and videos
    • Use large and clear signup buttons.
  • Focus on the RULE OF THIRDS:- According to this rule while designing your site, focus on using an overlay with two horizontal lines and vertical lines evenly spaced. You can place your CTAs and other important elements at the four intersection points of these lines which will grab more attention of people as they tend to focus more on these points.
  • Utilize the NEGATIVE SPACE:- The whitespace in the design which contains no elements is called “Negative Space.” Although it’s called negative, but it’s actually a positive sign as it gives you a chance to utilize the empty space in a useful manner. You can set up your CTA or another thing that attracts the users.
  • Consider F – LAYOUT:- Various researchers have found that a user’s natural behavior while browsing the web is to read the screen in an “F” pattern. This means that they can first look from left to right on the screen. After that, they scan downwards, reading some content and in the end, they reach the bottom right corner of the web page. So, you can take advantage of this behavior by placing the most important objects and CTA along the F-shape lines and placing objects of less importance in lower visibility areas.
  • Make proper use of COLOURS:- While choosing a color theme for your website, make sure you choose a combination that evokes the emotions that you want your brand to convey.
  • Also, use color contrast to keep text, headlines, and CTA buttons noticeable and readable.
  • Remember to K.I.S.S:- K.I.S.S refers to Keep It Simple, Stupid and Simpler the web design, easier it would become for the viewers to understand your website in a better way. Viewers can move around the site with the utmost ease, which would create a great user experience.
  • Make use of FACES to increase FAMILIARITY:- Make sure to incorporate faces into your articles, case studies and testimonials, opt-in pages, and landing pages to boost your conversions as people tend to feel something or to empathize with that person.
  • Use GESTALT SIMILARITY PRINCIPLE:- This principle says that the human eye/brain likes to group similar objects together. So, you should make a group of homogenous items, such as testimonial boxes, conversion buttons, or images to create a better impact on users.
  • Source HIGH-QUALITY IMAGES:- Instead of using bland images, source high-quality photos that develop positive associations with the content. Also, it’s important to reduce the load time of the page to increase its speed. This can be done by compressing the images as much as possible.

These are some of the simple tricks that can help you to boost your sales and tips to increase revenue. If you feel that we missed out something, do let us know in the comment section below.