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Frontend development

We create unique, interactive social networking programs so that users may comment on, like, and share posts as well as write reviews and rate things. Users can set up communities and groups to connect with one another, schedule activities and meetings, quickly communicate via online chat and group conversations, invite friends, receive recommendations for new connections, look for people using various filters, and more. Additionally, our applications can include phone or video chatting as well as any other value-added features you require.

Backend development

Our skilled web developers use the following technologies to create fast, secure social networking applications while constantly striving to accelerate the development cycle: Ruby on Rails, Drupal, JavaScript frameworks, and PHP frameworks like Symfony – for social networks, social networking games, websites, blogs, CMS, etc. In order to enable a wide range of diverse interactions inside your social networking application, we select MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and other databases. Our development team places a lot of emphasis on creating an admin panel that enables you to properly administer your web application and receive integrated data on the behavior of your users.

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Development process

The users of Social Networking Portal Development get access to a large account database. Is that the sole factor to think about? No, there are a ton of other factors to take into account while creating a social networking web portal. These are the key factors that you should think about.


Starting Off

We begin with conversations, requirements, meetings, and so forth. We will begin to develop a feasible roadmap to attain those outcomes once we have received all of your comments. A travel portal contains many features, but we must establish priorities for ourselves.


Following The Path

You must take the road you have created or planned for yourself if you want to accomplish something significant. With the aid of our imaginative designers and developers, we must follow the roadmap after the debates and its construction. The time has come for you to showcase your creativity. We proceed down the course without deviating from it, keeping costs within the budget.


Testing, Testing & Testing

Because we constantly strive for 0% mistake tolerance, this phase is difficult for the engineers and designers working on your project. We don't want our customers to receive any problems. Because of this, we test it often and make adjustments to ensure that we obtain exactly the results you desire.


Overcoming Issues

Our team of professionals will address any of the problems that testing raises. You must resolve problems that your users are experiencing or could experience in the future both throughout the development phase and after the finished product is released. We offer you whole assistance.

We Deliver Our Best

Why Choose Us

For our clients, we design social networking sites that are engaging to users. These websites will connect you to many social platforms and provide you with real-time aggregated activity feeds. With completely customized branding, our experts will assist you.


Privacy And Security

Social networking sites are kept at the highest possible degree of security and privacy by Bron Technology, assisting businesses in preventing any illegal access.


User Friendly Approach

We have years of experience using cutting-edge technology to construct social networking solutions. Our designs are cutting edge, user-friendly, and well optimized for search engines.


Specialized Developers

Our group of experts is quite adept at comprehending the social and cultural facets of online communities around the world. They are always informed of the most recent developments.


No Extra Charges

We support you going extra, but we never charge extra for additional service.


We Deliver Fast

By when do you need a travel web portal for you? Tell us the date, and get it.


Technology And Innovation

Bron Technology employs the greatest tools to create your social networking web solutions and stays up with techniques and technology.

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The company commends Bron Technology for responding quickly to faults and issues while testing the website. The group makes sure everything functions properly. With the use of programs like Teams and Skype, they efficiently manage the project. Additionally, their resources are extremely well-managed and competent.

Saroj - Content Manager at

Bron Technology delivered the products as per their timeline for most of their deliverables. They were knowledgeable and responsible with their workflow. Moreover, their developers were good to work with.

Anurag - Co Founder and Onwer of

When I approach Bron Technology for the establishment of a social networking portal, cost is never an issue. They respect my requests and don't go above my budgetary limits. Because of this, I find it fair to complete everything important in a short amount of time.

Joji Samuels - Operational Manager at, Dubai

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