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Top 5 ways to improve google search ranking

A question arises HOW TO IMPROVE GOOGLE SEARCH RANKING, According to research, 95% of the web traffic is experienced on the websites that rank on the 1st page of Google Search. Subsequent pages get the least number of web traffic. As Elon Musk put it:

How to improve Google rankings

“The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google results” 

Before getting on ways to improve google search ranking, you should know how Google ranks websites? 

  • Crawling- It’s the process when Google sends bots that scan and copy the website contents. During this process, Google scans the relevant content related to specific keywords. 
  • Indexing- After those bots scan the website contents it places it in the search engine’s index. It simply means that it loads your website’s URL on its index page. 
  • Ranking- Then Google ranks your website every time a web search takes place according to the various factors of ranking.

Now let’s get to the 5 ways to improve google search ranking:

SEO technique to improve Google search ranking

  • On-page SEO- On-page SEO explains what you do on your website to drive traffic. It means optimizing the components of your website. So what are these components? 
  • Title tag- It just means the title which shows on the SERP( search engine results page). Use those title tags which provide an insight into your content. Use specific keywords in your title tag. 
  • Schema- It includes descriptions like reviews and ratings, prices, site links, etc. That Google places it on it’s SERP. 
  • Meta description- It is the description that appears under the title tag on SERP. Use relevant keywords in your meta description to increase your Google ranking. 
  • Header tag- It includes the headers and subheaders you are using on your website. Headers range from H1 to H6. 
  • Page speed- It shows the loading speed of your website. Your website requires a good loading speed to appear on SERP.

Remember when it comes to on-page SEO, keywords are the essential elements. Research for the keywords which get mostly searched on the web and are highly competitive. Get to know about the number of searches the keywords get during a month. See what keywords your competitors are using through Google Keyword Planner.

  • Off-page SEO- Off-page SEO simply means linking your website to other websites. It can be described as optimizing your website from outside as you’re not using your website to drive traffic. As search algorithms and ranking factors of Google change constantly, off-page SEO proves to be an important way to increase your Google ranking. 

Google ranks websites with higher backlinks on the top. A backlink is the link source on some other websites to another web source. High-quality backlink increases your ranking on SERP.

There are three types of backlinks:

  • Natural links- It includes those links which are given without any action taken on the part of the owner. For example, a fashion blogger adding a link to their favorite retail store. 
  • Manual links- It includes getting your influencers or customers to link your website or share your content on their websites. 
  • Self-made links- It comes under the black hat SEO. Some examples are blog comments, forums, or in an online directory. 
  • Mobile friendly- Number of searches taking place on mobiles is growing rapidly. Make sure your mobile is website friendly if you want to increase your Google ranking. It is one of the major factors including in Google ranking. 

Make your website mobile responsive, meaning change the display and size on the mobile screens. 

Use large fonts and compressed photos for making websites mobile-friendly. Keep your fonts standard so it doesn’t take much time to load on mobile. 

Make your buttons look larger on mobile screens so it’s easy for visitors to tap the buttons on their devices. 

Provide an easy way to switch to the desktop version as some users might prefer a desktop version over the mobile version. 

And keep conducting various tests to check mobile responsive and upgrade it to enhance the customer experience. 

  • Content quality-  And don’t forget to upload quality content. It is one of the most important ways to increase Google ranking. Content is the king and always will be. Content is the driving force of your traffic and SERP. 

Generating quality content and backlinks will come naturally for your website. But remember don’t overuse keywords on your website just keep some specific keywords. 

Increase your social media followings and promote your content on social media or by using social media influencers. 

  • Update content- Keep updating your website content to increase your website ranking. Updating content makes your site look relevant and Google can show it on SERP. 

It will provide benefits to your SEO. As Google keeps searching the websites and if you keep updating your website regularly, it will recognize your content as valuable and show it on SERP. 

Add SEO friendly content on your website. Keep searching for the most searched keywords and change your keywords from time to time to increase your Google ranking. 


Using these methods will improve google search ranking. Besides, Google changes it’s algorithms regularly so to appear in SERP keeps changing your tactics. 

So which method do you find effective? How did your website perform in google rankings? Which tactics do you prefer? Comment below.

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