How to Add Custom Pagination in WordPress

Pagination for the post-show in homepage, category page, or author page. Pagination plays an important role in your WordPress website. Pagination helps you in page load time, better user experience. Custom Pagination helps you to divide 100 posts or pages into multiple pages.

What is Pagination?

Pagination is a technique where online posts or blogs are divided into several web pages. Pagination is also known as paging. Pagination can be handled from the client end or server end
In easy words: Pagination is a process of dividing the content into multiple pages.

Advantages of Pagination

  • Better User Engagement.
  • Increase page performance
  • Easy to Manage Website Content

How to Add Custom Pagination in WordPress Step by Step.

Custom Pagination in WordPress

Add the following code to your theme file like index.php, category.php, author.php, or template-blog.php

STEP 2: Adding the code in functions.php

Add the CSS to style pagination

For using these code in the category.php file then you need to change a little bit in the existing code

Add the below code at the top of the category.php

For category pagination in WordPress use code

We change only the array : ‘category_name’ => $category_slug,