Digital Marketing

What are the latest digital marketing trends?

In this digital era, digital marketing is the best way to boost your business. You have to keep up with the rapidly changing technology to remain in the business. As consumers are evolving, businesses are no longer confined to the traditional methods of marketing and new trends in digital marketing. As Brian Solis said:

“It is only by walking in the digital footsteps of your customer that you can uncover a new landscape of opportunities for engagement as well as a new reality for your business.”

Move ahead of your competitors by adopting new technologies in the market.
effective and latest digital marketing trends will be popular this year. Here are some trends which will help your business grow in 2021

  • AI-driven future.

Artificial intelligence in marketing includes collecting consumer data and using AI to predict their next move thereby improve their experience.

Artificial intelligence is ready to dominate almost every sector of the economy. It is going to gain massive popularity in the next few decades. It is a big opportunity for businesses to gain new heights.

The retail giant, Alibaba inaugurated a FashionAI outlet in Hong Kong to improve the experience of customers through AI.

  • Video marketing is your new ally

Nowadays, video marketing is one of the most impactful digital marketing strategies to attract consumers.

This trend is going up in the upcoming years. As the number of people spending time on YouTube, OTT platforms, Tiktok, etc is increasing.

It is effective as people tend to spend more time surfing online. And don’t just think about marketing on YouTube. Tiktok has also gained much space among people and it ought to be a great platform for digital marketing. these are very new trends in digital marketing.

  • Increasing use of voice searches

The use of voice searches among people has quite increased from the past few decades. It growing rapidly and will be the future of search.

According to researchers, 50% of the searches on the internet in 2020 will be voice searches.
Many companies like PayPal, Domino’s, etc have introduced voice searches in their digital marketing campaign.

But still, most of the businesses fail to meet the criteria for voice searches. So to attract consumers you have to work on your voice search readiness criteria.

  • Chatbots are replacing emails

Chatbots are AI-based software applications used to conduct conversations through text or text-to-speech. The use of chatbots has somewhat increased in recent years.

Many consumers prefer using chatbots as they are responsive 24/7 and are efficient.
Spotify’s Facebook Messenger bot is super easy for consumers to use and share music. It gives recommendations based on the genre you want, your activity.

  • Engage using social media stories

Stories feature was first introduced by Snapchat after which Instagram and Facebook also updated the feature

Marketing through stories is a good way to connect and influence generation Z. As generation Z spends most of the time on social media platforms.

These stories disappear after 24 hours and provide a great way to engage with consumers.

  • Improvising visual searches

Visual searches have gained much popularity among users. With visual search, you can just upload an image to get results. Pinterest lens and Google lens are among some of the visual search engines.

Optimizing visual search will convert your visitors into customers. Visual searches are mostly used for shopping.

  • Personalization is the key

Have you ever wondered why most of the people visiting your site don’t convert into customers?

Studies show that 90% of consumers want to engage with businesses that provide a personalized experience.

If you want to stand out from the competition, personalize your marketing. Provide your consumers according to their needs and wants.


They’re some trends you should surely try to make your marketing effective. You’ll definitely get an edge over your competitors by using these latest digital marketing trends.