Digital Marketing

How to become a digital marketing expert

From the past few decades, the number of internet users is increasing rapidly so does the trend of digital marketing. As compared to traditional marketing digital marketing covers a large population. In the job sector also there is a rising demand for a digital marketing expert. Companies no longer want to waste time and resources in training their employees. Companies tend to hire digital marketing experts.

digital marketing components

What is the role of a digital marketing expert?

The digital marketing expert has to identify the targeted audience, create a brand image, and carry out marketing campaigns for digital media.

What are the components of digital marketing?

Digital marketing includes a variety of strategies and components to drive a higher return on investment as compared to traditional marketing.

SEO(search engine optimization)
Search engine optimization means implementing various strategies to increase your ranking in search engine results. The higher your search engine ranking higher will be your website traffic.

search engine optimization

PPC(pay per click)
Pay per click is carried out in the form of online advertisements to drive traffic to your website. By using pay per click, the publisher gets paid by the advertiser every time an ad gets clicked. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the most widely used platforms for conducting PPC advertisements.

pay per click

Content marketing
Content marketing is a marketing strategy which involves creating content in the form of video, social media posts, and blogs. It’s a good strategy to get involved with customers and it’s impactful.

content marketing

Social media marketing
Social media marketing includes marketing and promoting your product or service through social media platforms. It’s one of the cost-effective strategies for marketing.

Above mentioned strategies were some of the components of digital marketing. If you want to become a digital marketing expert you must know all the components of digital marketing. And you should know how, when, and what marketing strategy to be applied. The application of these strategies varies from industry to industry. 

After learning about the components of digital marketing, the next question arising in your mind would be

How to become a digital marketing expert?

Digital marketing is not something you can copy from a book and apply directly in real life. It’s something which includes practice and a creative mind with a brain that knows his way around this digital era.

Here are some steps to need to follow to become a digital marketing expert.

Step 1: Very first and basic step includes starting a blog/website. Start by making your blog with a unique name which also represents your expertise of writing. Make a WordPress blog or if you want to start an eCommerce site using Shopify. As most of the people would be visiting your website using mobile phones, so you have to make sure your website is responsive to those mobile users. 

Step 2: After setting up your blog, research what your competitors are doing. Search about the topics trending in the expertise you want to work in and what the customers are preferring. Use UberSuggest to see how much traffic your competitor is getting. It will also show you the keywords which are getting most of the traffic. 

Now you know which keywords are trending and how much traffic your competitors are driving. Next is,

Step 3: Start posting on your website, use better videos, pictures, content quality from your competitors to drive traffic to your website/blog. Use those Keywords which get most of the searches. Use SEO to increase your website ranking and convert your visitors into customers. 

Step 4: Now you need to set up Google Analytics for your website. It will provide you data on how much traffic your website is getting, how is your website performing, etc. 

To get started on Google Analytics, you just need to sign up and install the Google Analytics tracking code into your device to see how much of the traffic your website is driving. 

Step 5: Now you need to promote your website. You can use various types of digital marketing strategies, some of them are mentioned above. 

One of the easiest and cost-effective is Social Media Marketing. You can promote your website on various social media platforms and engage with customers on social media.  

Another cost-effective strategy is Email Marketing. You can start an email subscription to promote your website. You have to just email your website/blog to customers personally to drive traffic to your website. 


Apart from these tips, you need to keep practicing on your own to become a good digital marketing expert. Digital marketing is all about implementing strategies and resources at the right time and in the right direction. 

Besides your knowledge, your work experience and certifications in the digital marketing field would be great from your career perspective.