Learn PHP Array Push: PHP Add to Array Explained

PHP Add to array
PHP Add to array

In this tutorials Developer Guidance Cover how to append to array in PHP, Array Push in php and How to add in php.

You should know for PHP array push:

  • PHP array_push() is a function used to inserts one or more elements to the end of an array.
  • You can add one value, or as many as you like.
  • Your added elements will always have numeric keys.
  • First time PHP array push used in PHP4

Syntax: PHP array push

The syntax for append to array or array push is array_push(array, value1, value2, …).

array_push() Explained:

PHP an inbuilt function called array_push.. This function push the variable onto the the end of the array. For example :


Go through the below code. You can see an array contains the string keys. Take a look how two new values are added at the end using PHP array push function. For example :

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